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Terms and conditions

1. An inventory is prepared as a snapshot of the property and its contents at the time of the inspection. It is compiled as a fair and accurate record of the property’s internal condition and will include a list of furniture, fixtures, fittings and household effects. Items are visually identified but may not be identified by their original manufactured name, material used in the production, or the period produced.

2. Aside to Smoke alarms, Lighting, electrical appliances, machinery and other similar items will not be tested.

3. Towels, bed linen and other similar items will be recorded and inspected if they have been laundered. Mattresses will only be inspected where they are readily accessible and will not be thoroughly examined should the bed be made up.

4. Carpets, rugs and other floor coverings will be inspected to the extent that they are sufficiently clean so that stains, burns and other damage can be readily identified.

5. Pro-Inventories representatives will not undertake to move large or heavy items of furniture and will not check in inaccessible areas, such as items left in lofts, cellars, locked garages, etc. are, therefore, the responsibility of the property owner.

6. Every effort has been made to carefully check the property and its contents. However this report should not be used as a structural survey report.

7. Sofas & beds will not be opened or examined and will be assumed to be free from stains/marks/damage internally for the purposes of this inventory or Check In/Out.

8. Animals are not usually permitted in rented properties, but occasionally landlords will give permission. They will expect any damage internal or external to be made good, and any soft furnishings may need additional cleaning.

9. Blue tack nor picture hooks/nails should not be used on the walls and any damage caused may incur additional charges from the landlord, (i.e. deductions from deposits).

10. An additional charge will be applied when carrying out the Check-out procedure at the end of the Tenancy if any items have been moved to different rooms or any items listed on the Inventory that have been broken or mislaid should have been replaced with a similar item, otherwise deductions may be made.

11. Upon conducting an Inventory, check-in or check-out, payment must be made within 10 working days. A full electronic copy of the report will be emailed upon completion.

12. At the end of the tenancy, the original Inventory is re-checked and any discrepancies and/or variations are reported. This report will indicate where such deterioration might be considered as reasonable wear and tear, a maintenance issue, a cleaning issue, or requires the making good of areas.

The checkout report does not list everything in the property: it only comments on items where changes have occurred since check in and it should be read in conjunction with the original inventory.

13. The property must be vacated, all cleaning completed, and all personal possessions removed.

Key Abbreviations used.

C Clean
DS Dusty
FC Fair Condition
FDM Few Dotted Marks
FGC Fairly Good Condition
FRM Food Residue Marks
FS Finger Soiled
FSM Few Surface Marks
GC Good Condition
HLC Hair Line Crack
HM Heavily Marked
LHS Left Hand Side
LM LimeScale
LSM Light Scuff Marks
NC Not Clean
NEWC New Condition
NH Nail Holes
PC Poor Condition
RFC Requires Further Clean
RHS Right Hand Side
S Stained

SD Small Dent
SFE Some Frayed Edges
SH Screw Holes
SM Light Scuff Marks
SM Silicone Mouldy
TBR To Be Removed

Some Legal terms for rented property

Contents - The fixtures and fittings at the property together with any furniture, carpets, curtains and other effects listed in the Inventory.

Deposit - A sum of money given to the Landlord(s) or their Agent(s) to secure against any mishaps during/ after expiry of the tenancy term.

Fixtures and Fittings - references to any of the fixtures, fittings, furnishings or effects, floor, ceiling or wall coverings

Inventory - A Report stating the contents and conditions of the interior of a property (if the exterior includes gardens/ outbuildings) then these are normally noted.

Joint and Several Means that when more than one person is included as the Tenant, the Tenant(s) as a group will be liable for all the Rent and the cost of any breach of the Agreement until all costs are paid in full and each individual included in the definition of the Tenant is liable for all the Rent and the cost of any breach of the Tenancy until all costs are paid in full. Joint tenancy - Renting of property by two or more persons with identical interests in the whole of it.

Landlady/Landlord/ Property owner - Person(s) who own the property being rented. Includes the person or persons owning an interest in the Premises – whether freehold or leasehold, entitling them to possession of it upon the termination or expiry of the Tenancy.

Payment - The monthly frequency of rent payments.

Rent - Amount normally paid monthly to stay at a property.

Tenancy Agreement - Legal Agreement for letting furnished or unfurnished residential accommodation on an assured shorthold tenancy within the provisions of the Housing Act 1988 as amended by part 111 of the Housing Act 1996.

Tenant - Person(s) renting the property from the Landlord. Includes the person or persons whoever for the time being is entitled to the Premises under this Agreement.

Term - Normally one year. 'Term' or ‘Tenancy’ means any extension or continuation of the contractual Tenancy or any statutory periodic Tenancy arising after the expiry of the original term.

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