Sample Report

An Inventory is a report of the contents and condition of a letting property. This document is useful

to safeguard both the property owner and tenant from any issues arising during and after the tenancy.

It should be provided in conjunction with the Tenancy Agreement and can become useful when determining

deposit returns.

Our Mission

Pro-Inventories is built on the principles of providing quality reports and providing a reliable service.
Our unique service has established our place in this industry. This allows us to make a distinctive and

substantial impact for our clients.


With just around 15 years of expertise conducting inventories in and around the Tooting/ Balham/ Wandsworth/

Streatham and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves in providing an effective, efficient and accurate inventory.



Honesty and integrity is at the heart of what Pro-Inventories do. Justifiable evidence of this was when a

Property Owner contacted us directly, that we conduct Inventories along with some check-ins and check-outs

of his property portfolio.

With this referral, not only did Pro-Inventories gain custom, but also initiated a diligent and efficient service.

By operating within a smooth and structured process ensured that the inventory & reports were provided accurately

and well within the target time-frame. As a result the property owner was delighted by our delivery.

On another occasion a Landlady requested through a local Estate Agency that we conduct the Check-out for her

property which had become vacant after a long-term tenant left. Pro-Inventories associates liaised with the

Estate Agency to collect the keys and visit the Property. The check-out was conducted in a systematic way.

The keys were dropped back to the Estate Agent and the electronic check-out report along with photo's was

finalised and emailed back to the Landlady at her complete satisfaction.

The communication flow to our main stakeholders  (Landlady/ Landlord / Tenant and Letting Agency) was excelled.

Ensuring that our Customer comes first is the philosophy which Property Inventories inculcate, accomplished with

evidence and positive feedback gained from the Tenant, Landlady, Landlord and Letting Agency.

Contact Information

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Electronic mail: General Information: info@pro-inventories.com

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