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Service 1

Our method is orderly and timely:

(1) When you have let a property, you will advise us the move-in date, when the property will be vacated and whether you have keys.

(2) The inventory will then be conducted, around 2 days prior to new tenants moving in. We will swiftly collect the keys from your office and return them together with the report.

Our competitive advantage is that we offer a fixed fee for studio/ 1 bed/ 2 bed/ 3 bed properties (100), inclusive and 4 bed and above (150), inclusive. Superb value in comparison to the market rates for inventories. Check-out inspection fees for studio/ 1 bed/ 2 bed/ 3 bed properties (100), inclusive. 4 bed and above (150)

Inventory preparation

Visit property, inspect contents and condition, take relevant photo's, compile report. Swiftly provide a copy electronically via email and a hard copy.


Meet with new tenants, whilst going through inventory report.


Inspecting property upon expiry of tenancy and preparation of report.


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